GSU 1010

Learn what Georgia State University has to offer you in the classroom and beyond; become a part of the university from the beginning of your college career and make a successful transition to university life.

The GSU 1010 course provides students with essential information about the academic demands of the University, its rules, procedures, resources, and academic, social, and personal “survival skills” that contribute to academic success. The GSU 1010 curriculum encourages students to establish supportive relationships with peers and faculty and to become an integral part of the academic community.

In addition to offering you the necessary information and skills to navigate the university, GSU 1010 also exposes you to the academic field of your choice through an examination of the general area of study and related principles. FLC professors coordinate activities and assignments across disciplines, providing the content through which the GSU 1010 course serves as a format for group activities and theme integration within the community.

In an effort to introduce students to campus and community resources needed to succeed during their first semester, each section of GSU 1010 offers modules on student advisement (for a successful academic career), Atlanta-Based Learning (to learn with Atlanta communities and by service learning), MyStudent Body (for drugs and alcohol awareness), and academic honesty.

GSU 1010 offers students a unique opportunity to learn about themselves, form bonds with others in their FLC, and gain an appreciation for the university and its environment.

Based on a student’s academic performance, a letter grade, following the plus/minus grading system, will be assigned upon completion of the course. The grade for GSU 1010 counts in the student’s GPA; credits earned in GSU 1010 do not apply to the 120 credit hours required to graduate.

For more information on GSU 1010, call 404/413-2052 or come to the Office of Undergraduate Studies in 224 Sparks Hall.